Sunday, December 10, 2006

calm down

saturday, 9 dec 2006..... damn. woke up at 12pm, my grandma called and i need to pack my bag and get ready to go to wangsa maju. after i had my lunch, straight away i go to bus stop and wait for the bus to kelana jaya to take a train to wangsa maju. after i get on the bus infront carefour, i heard some one was talk quite loud, so, i just peak and looks who.s talking. so, i saw a girl talking to a boy, the girl looks nice~ after that, i close my eyes and sleep again, after some time, i wake up and i saw the church near kelana station and i know is my time to wake up. when the bus stoped, i was lazy to be the first one to get down from the bus, so i just wait until most of the people was gone, then i stared to stand up and get out from the bus and move towards the escalators. as usuals, i will look around me and look for any special angle or people with characteristic for photography, then i spoted a man with a phone, he was not that tall, spiky hair, wearing a singlet, seems like waiting for someone. so, i just don care,i walk up the escalator, on the middle of the escalator, i looked behind and see who is behind me, and i spoted it the girl that looks niceand besides her is the guy i saw downstairs, the one thati assume he was waiting for someone. i saw they stand close, just a peek, so not long, now i assume they are couples, boyfriend, girlfriend. when i almost reached the top, i heard somee girl screaming behind me, so i looked behind...... that time....... i know i'm in deep shitz! the girl was screaming" someone please help me! he is try to get my picture under my skirt"

i was like looking behind, and the girl is looking at me and there is not much people there to help, so i just asked the girl," are you really sure you saw him take your picture?" and the girl was like really confirm that guy took her picture! OK, from the moment i look back, that guy is pressing his phone one that moment NON STOP! and when i asked that guy to follow us to the train station and see the guard what can they do, he started to tell us thet he is waiting for his brother, and let him make a call.... okay... now he speaks in something i canot understand.... something about who is going where, who is following.... not important. after that he seems to wana walk off, but he saw us wana get gim, he just walk back and follow us to the station.... still keep on pressing the phone..... when we almost reach the station, he started to say something like" do you have any proof? now you wana make me look bad isit?"

to tell you the truth, that time i was really stunt, i have no idea what to do, i never met this kind of situation before, what can i do? the girl was like" i saw you did that, i saw you did that" damn!
after the guy ask us wheather we have proof or not, and we have nothing to do, and we look at the guy just walk away................ the gilr was like looking at me again, please someone help me! she was like why don yo help me? i have nothing to say, i said" we don have any proof, i'm sorry"

then she said something that makes me really feel sorry" then are you gona let other female suffer?" OH shit! why me? why me? damn! she started to cry..... i stand there, i canot do anything, i told her..." you can try to tell the guards what happened, and tell them make a sign board some thing like that... then i say sorry again............... i walked way................. i don wana look back........ i don dare to look back..............

after i get into the train......... i start to calm down and analys the whole thing again.........
1. if the dude is waiting for his brother, why he came up to the escalator?
2. why he keeps pressing the phone?
3. why don i just ask for his phone and check?
4. why am i so nervous?
5. i feel sorry to that girl, i'm not calm.
6. i'll try and do something for it!


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