Sunday, March 18, 2007

backpack to singapore

march 16, went to sinagapore with chonk and carson, nice trip for shooting more images.
here's some tips for it.
1. bring a towel
2. bring more sets of shirts
3. bring your cam charger
4. don't be shy to take pics!
5. hahhahahahaa

here's some shots of when we arrived singapore and where we lives.... Bugis Backpackers.

1 comment:

maslight said...

woo so u backpacked to s'pore ei

most of my spore trip erm is a 1 day trip and we went to orchard most of the time

but last 2 years we stayed at er ogie i dun remember the place name omg! *think mas think! and visit some of my uncle and auntie. overall i went to lotsa place that time *uhuk XD