Sunday, April 22, 2007

hunting with Chonky

after going to carefour to buy some food, i've decided to go hunting near my house and the back of my house. then after i got home, chonk called and ask me i wana grab dinner together or not, so i say ok, he reached my house arround 6.30pm, and i ask.... hey.... wana go hunt a?, Subang Lake? he say... tired o, i went shooting whole day o! huh! went shooting without me! then..... he say, you wana be light bulb meh! okay~ in the end, we did go hunting in subang lake.purple haze


maslight said...

omg, the 1st cat pix..the cat so cute oh....uh got fragipani oso..woo...i love the sunset shots XD

those are great

Kenji said...

Chonky Looks Classy for jayheu