Monday, September 01, 2008

day for merdeka

yesterday went to meet carson for some design discussion, gratz for having the DJ set, finally~ it was damn hard to really get the beats correct. mr carso showed us some stuffs, well, it was hard.
with his set~
james kacau kacau


after that, james told me he wanted to have a bbq session in my house, well, since there's some space there, why not. surprisingly, the house infront of mine was also throwing a party, till 3am something, the police came twice for them.... too scary.
we had alot of sosage

i say alot

i say alot alot alot

coz too many hotdogs, we have to play games to eat all..... scary....

till today, i woke at 2 something, i guess..... sitting in my room whole day. watching macross frontier. there goes a day~ and my house is still damn messy.


jianbing said...

You should change your title to "Sausage Day" or "The Legacy of Sausages"

hahaha.. ok lame.

yipi said...

Sausage Day, i like... LOLZ!