Friday, October 03, 2008

session for samson

its been sometime since samson asked me to help him shoot for his hair stuffs. well, since an old friend asking for help, i think i can take up my camera for him. comming back to kk this time, i learnt alot. first, jen lent me some theory books and how to critic photography. when i looked at the check in and out of the library note, its only been borrowed out for not more than 5 times and its and very old book. and those books which had the name like how to shoot like a pro or how to shoot portraits, it checks in and out everyweeks.and i guess every photographer have their own phylosophy, i said alot of bullshitz to protect my own rulez, my own beliefs, my style, my colours, my idea, my compositions, my photo. once you belive in something in photography, its kinda hard to listens again, till you find someone same chanel with you, its just like religion.
after taking up photography, everyone said that photography is their lifes but how far they willing to go for it? if you're living in the era when photography still using films, will you still tell me the same idea? will you still tell me this is your life?
most of the people loves pop music, same goes photography, most people love beautiful things or people. how many people have ever looked at the war photography or the streets? have you ever listens to jazz? have you ever listens to blues? have you ever listens to the classical musics which you have never heard before? you thought you've seen the photos before but dare you go down to the war or the streets for the line as you've said....."photography is my life" i know i wont, coz in reality, all these are not simple.
some people admires how other's life is like, when they cant live in the lifes they wanted to be, they starts to deny, they deny the things they admire is good, when you cant taste the grapes, you'll said its probably sour, this theory same goes to me. coz i'm always like that. denying other's work. even other's people's work is good, you'll probably will say"ofcoz la~ they lucky ma~ give me the cam or the model, i can shoot anytime better than him." a bad habbit of mine.

some people have no idea what is thier limit, something like american idol, it makes you laugh, and it will makes you think twice, is your voice that good? are you sure you can sing that song? are you sure you wana compete after watching american idol season 1? in season 2 you still wana try your luck? come on~ this is reality. before you wana run, you need to learn how to walk. meaning we need to prepare or find more refference.
what you've seen in your life, you'll try to shoot the image which you've seens somewhere else, meaning, you always listens to jazz, give you a piano, i don't aspect you playing rock or pop. same goes to your photograph.

maybe you're not reading what am i writing,
but if you're,
please leave a comment and tell me how you feel.
i've on the anonimous can leave the comment.
do you think its just me having these thought?

thank you samson, aiko, xing yi, herman for this sessions, had a good time with all the shots. for more information, samson and xinyi is working in warisan KK.


Hautbois said...

all i can say is, 4s dont work with emo shit

Justin V said...

We are young, we run green,
Keep our teeth, nice and clean,
See our friends, see the sights, feel alright,
We wake up, we go out, smoke a fag,
Put it out, see our friends,
See the sights, feel alright,

Are we like you?
I can't be sure,
Of the scene, as she turns,
We are strange in our worlds,

But we are young, we get by,
Can't go mad, ain't got time,
Sleep around, if we like,
But we're alright,
Got some cash, bought some wheels,
Took it out, 'cross the fields,
Lost control, hit a wall,
But we're alright!!

Gwenda said...

heyyy awesome post, awesome images!

I think it's natural to stick to what you know, because as we grow older, we become more and more afraid of 'being wrong', and eventhough everything someone does is influenced (and constrained) by one's own culture, environment and upbringing, I think it's good to venture out of the safe zone once in a while. but like I said I love your work. Keep the great photos coming ah lai! I'm a big fan!!!

Desmond said...

haha yala those 'how to shoot like a pro' books.

philosophy.. for now I rather follow others philosophy, just learn from them. i even learn some things from you lol.

i cannot say whether photography is my life or not, i haven't even experience working as one yet.

most of the time i appreciate any photos, no matter good or bad. if it is good then good lo, if bad then bad lo.

i dont really think that much about my limits. if i find it hard to shoot, i just try to improve/practice.

walao longest comment i wrote and i think 1st time in your blog hehe.

the brown grass photo nice, like a magazine feel~

yipi said...

howard- 100000000% agree with you, but the 4s makes you read.... HAHAHAH!

justin- super grass!

gwenda- i'm a big fan of yours too! HAHAHAHHA, sessions with you takes forever wei!

des- we're still learning. and thanks for the comment, its time for you to get the 50d.. HAHAHAH!

gulagula said...

you give me this idea that, potrait looks even unique, more dramatic a la an artist album cover in a horizontal shot. i like. =)

maslight said...

OMG i think the shot are absolutely crazy! I mean I love it so much that it's crazy!

I have no idea wut i'm talking about

Anonymous said...

hey bud...i love ur model shoot very much...
u make me look smaller in photography... T.T

Anonymous said...

I do agree with some of your comments..but I do think that sometimes we need to give credit to others for trying even though they are not that good.. At least they are brave..u might even think that's foolishness and not bravery..

But anyway..u're still improving in ur shootings.. n_n

I've Got My World said...

wow!! nice work u gt!! keep it on!!

Jacqueline Sibert said...

OMG jeahau...
I love this post!
I looove the photos.
I really like your style la.
Like i've said before...
if i ever get married or something,
u'll be my photographer kkk =)
damn... those pics are good...
love it love it love it.
5 stars for u. =)

yipi said...

haha, thanks jacq! no problem!