Tuesday, November 04, 2008

sessions again with chienloong

had dinner with chien loong, eiran + girlfriend, and jacq at the steamboat thing again~ ate alot of balls, went back home to help CL do some stuffs....... then selfportraits sessions, if you dont take the photos now, when do you want to take then?

when having your selfportrait,
i guess normally you like it good looking or being damn cool~
and at least not ugly,
i know how i looked like, im just having fun

mr chien loong

eiran's gf shooting session, okay, thats my basic lighting set up.... HAHAHAHA
you can see my light stand....
eiran's gf


she's actually helping CL for his work
this is for my work..... jk

i guess you'll get the picture...... crystal clear? HAHAHAHAH

1 comment:

maslight said...

lol the shots are funny XD

someone got in touch with their feminine side ei?