Tuesday, March 03, 2009

singapore with jov feb09

there's so many stuffs and works happening around, best way to get away for awhile is to travel.

its been more than a year nvr went to singapore, well, i changed my colour tone since my last visit.

still, my blog is damn messy, but i liked to keep it that way.

there's no point for me to create a new one or what so ever~ UNLESS YOU"RE FAMOUS?


maslight said...

OMg cows...omg wulou belly omg! hahahaha look alike..GG shot

Juno said...

wa wa ...
when u go singapore with her de ?
only both of u some more
for assignment ?

Desmond said...

dude looks like you're having fun.
but its a bit cloudy there? anyway i finaly have internet haha~~

Richard Chin said...

nice SG series :) i can see there a story behind of d pictures u snap thru ur lens.

yipi said...

- richard, nothing special~ just some point and shoot, thanks anyway.