Thursday, October 08, 2009

assisting michele day one 21thaug09

since michele got the job from MIFA, our first session is shooting for karina? a shoe maker and a shoe designer. i'm assisting the lights for michele, she will show me an example, and i will start setting up the lights, and TRY to look like the reference.... hahahha, yeah, trying.
the make up table. love the lights there and that mirror!
i'm also doing the behind the scenes for michele, since i'm her assistant, i get to practice with my composition also and have to be alert for michele's comand on the lights, but sometimes i'll stone for awhile there.... hahahhaha, the photo from above is not the actual shoot, the main photographer is michele yong and with the flash on, the photo looks much more better!
even michele have to swip the floor... hahahah

the real stuffs.

the TV crew from mifa

the "how low can you go" pose.....


Tracy said...

Great blog! I love Michele's work and she's very blessed to have a dediated assitant like you. What is the lighting set up for this MIFA shoot?

jenpoh said...

cool... thanks for bringing us to the backstage, get to see how the pros do it... even sweeping! haha...