Friday, July 13, 2007

singapore re- visited

after the exam, there was this short short holiday, so i decided to go singapore alone, then since a friend of mine shereen also wana go, we just go together to get some shots! 4days, 3 nights! bugis backpackers hotel again, and this time, i go by midnight train! awsome experience! this time shot most of my pics in RAW format, so i did not get many pics as last time but i think this time i did better.

in my litte place in the train for arround 8-9 hours from KL central
looking up in the city is just amazing!

this time the night shots is better then last time. i hope.... hehehe
somewhere near air keroh
this temple is amazing! alot of westerners inside taking pics.... you dare to enter? huahhahah!most of the ppl stand aside and let me use my tripod inside.... huahahha!

back to the bed.... tired
fixing the violin!


this is just delicious!

little india!


on the 3rd night,my dad came to sing to find some suplliers, he called me and asked me wana grab dinner together? why not! free dinner! whoo hoooo! the friend of dad took us to some not bad japanese rest, walao, we ate too much! too much i say!

first, we have indian mamak 24 hours, in sing, they have indian shopping mall 24 hours! fuiyooooh!

after sherreen back to jb, i went to find dad and he ask me wana go find my uncle or not, why not, have some father and son time.

on this trip, my friend droped her passport on the first day, and on the second day, we were abit busy looking for the police station..... and the police station starts at 12..... hahahahahah, funny, then we need to get to the ICA building to report, the go to the malaysia embassy,..... i tell you, malaysia embassy is a freaking beautiful place! din get any pics though..... luckily on the same day, we went to the temple in air keroh and she prayed.... hahahha, on the third day, the police found her passport! lucky!

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