Sunday, April 19, 2009

planed sessions

well, i started my interest in photography was landscapes, it was in NZ, after i got my first DSLR, it was canon 30D, i dint even bother to go for the kit lens, i just bought a body without a lens and save for a 10-22 F/3.5 ultra wide angle lens. and the next lens is confirm to be a 50mm F/1.8, have no idea when i start to shoot portraits.

well, i must say that derek was the first to appear in my planed session for portraits. back then, it was simple, gel up his hair, get a cheapo table lamp, and shoot in the room with the camera ISO boosted to 3200 in F/1.8

after i quite taylors business school, and joined segi college for the photography diploma, because of the assignment, another planed session was on, with jen poh. if not mistaken, that time was still using the 30D with the tamron sp90 macro lens. wanru was the model and i dint know what she will wear and how was her make up, just meet her up in the trainstation and had the session just like that. dint have much direction on the pose.

howard was back from HK after his audition for the uni in HK, well, we tried out the same thing for derek for his profile photos. it seems not bad, i think i still saw some of these pics in his profile. just the T shirt inside spoilt the whole thing....

it was a familly meet up somewhere in 2007, i asked cousin Hisa to be my lab rat for some portrait shots, well, the venue was in her house and outside the house garden area. was using the ultra wide for portrait session. it seems different, not much direction on anything also, just learning on more composition.

got my first 580exii, and desmond got his 430ex, was playing with the flashes now. this was my first time working as planed session more proffesionally, after seeing Emily and Sue taking pics for Em's portfolio, i got a school assignment about fashion shooting needs to be done, so i asked Em for help, first time working with a make up artist in the session, and learnt alot with the lightings and poses direction. and was learning how to choose the wardrobe and make up too. was still using the canon 30D and the Tamron sp90 macro lens.

samson was an old friend of mine back in junior high, and he's a hair stylist now, when i was back in kk in may 2008, he asked me to shoot some of his friends, something like profile pics for the models, well, why not? lets give it a try.
this is the first time i work with aiko, not much direction, easy lighting, not much wardrobe to choose, i didn't guide anything, just some poses suggestions. the pics came out so so, and was still using the 30d + the 50mm F/1.8
after may, back in school again, mr kelvin was teaching more in class and learnt more about the studio lightings. he wanted us to plan our own selfportrait sessions. it was fun
ver did have some creative approach was still using 30d and the tamron
for the final assignment for the studio and lighting 2, i found jacq for my session. i planed most of the background and did a research on what she will wear and how the make up goes, directed most of the poses and tested most of the lightings with desmond before i have the session. it seems great on that day, everyone was happy, and thanks to jacq, and i found a make up artist.
on that time i changed my body to canon 5D, and got meself a 16-35mm F/2.8L. sold off all the old cam and lenses.

well, there's a couple shots for own folio, thanks to james and hueyshan for the help, and hueyshan was the make up artist i always calls for. was taken with 5D and the 50mm F/1.8 since i sold off my tamron, i have to use back the 50mm.

a session with elaine was actually last minute for the digital imaging assignment, went to putra jaya with anne too, it was an easy and free session, was just having fun, simple wardrobe and make up. 5D and the 50mm F/1.8 again~

well, since may, after the session with samson and aiko, we get together to make some better pics again. during my come back on may, i scout around for landscapes with jen poh, so i decided to take the session out. first time work with shin yee, a make up artist who works with samson in the salon, wardrobe and make up was guided by me, but not that good. but i did managed to get control in face expression.

face expression is always more important then the body works. expression comes first, this is what i learn from kelvin's class. i had 2 sessions in sept, the second session was just aiko, i gain control on everything, the pose, the make up, the wardrobe, the expression. was using the canon 5D with my new canon 100mm F/2.8 macro lens.

came back to sabah again in dec 08, samson called me again, a new model was put into play, lim min, she was just having fun, we din't managed to plan alot, but the pics seems ok.

violet was introduced too, she was an experienced model,well, i never worked with one before, so i just give it a try to see how it goes. fast learner.

was playing with the lights again. but with more expressions.
anyway, i bought myself a canon 50mm F/1.2L for my 5D, shinyi got her sis's own designed dress for a session, that session was awsome. at least for me,
in 2009, vector called me to work with him and his girl friend. a small session in my house with more lighings stuffs. was in KL. subang house.

jane gave me a chance on march, for her prewedding photoalbum, it was pure pressure, never done it before, it was a first time. hope everything is fine~ most of the time was using 5D and the 50mm F/1.2L and the 16-35mm F/2.8L, thanks to samson and shinyi for the help too~

another samson request on march, after the prewedding shots, a new friend, stephy.

same as above, a new friend from samson. yvonne chong

well, back to school, a new sem started, assignments comes and goes, found myself a new model in kl, lucky me, i know.. LOLZ, well, thanks to hueyshan for the make up again, most of the stuffs i know how to direct dy, i guess i still have a long way to go. it seems like i had only have not much portrait session like other photographers or even hobbiest, i've been told that i sucked in portrait, becaus i dont own a studio, because im still young, because i dont have connection, because the model was too fucking FAMOUS, i hope this doesnt sound like a fucker, but i have to state this now, " Dont ever come look for me when you need me, i fucking know who you are" i guess i need to be better, if not.... im gona go back to landscapes! HAHA! or maybe go street photography, theres not much photographer in malaysia knows about that! HAHA!

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