Saturday, June 09, 2007

one day trip to Pulau Ketam

went to pulau ketam with chonk and tammy today, met them at KTM 9am, then straight to port klang station, that was fast, then take boat to Pulau Ketam.... this trip, i'm really enjoying it~ love the peaple there, love the smell there, love to shoot there!
in da KTM this is tammy.....
damn the dirty glass!
this is how the house should looks like in ketam~
most of them are chinese and fishermenhaving lunchin the middle of the island, there is a temple which looks cool~Giant candles!who is shooting who?er... i just shoot only
potrait of tammy, our model that day
come and go
chonk la
modeling again
walao! fish!

i have no idea how she found the cat!
the school!
feels like in cowboy town
the second shot!
the only bank?
converse all~
this dog freaking huge!
old theater?
she is playing with animals again......
THE DOG! looks like sheep to me now....
er....... i dono
post card shot?
our captain for the day!

i feel you.... lolz
er.... he can jump
tammy in pose
bad people bad

whole day.... damn tired la
anotherthing about Ultra wide angle lens.... you can SS very close and shoot all ppl~

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