Saturday, June 28, 2008

black and white feelings

anyone can be a stranger, even the person you knew for a very long time. i dont really enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by strangers, so when you see me walking by, do say HEY WATS UP! to me!
maybe, sometimes everybody need somebody to survive. i saw this dude gave this girl a big hug with full heart, but it was a goodbye hug. hope she will not forget him that easily.
if you wana make things clear, just ask, or speak to that person directly. or you're still too affraid to cross the roads by yourown and need someone hold your hand. or you can just be a grown up, cross your own road. stop spining around on your own spot, people across the roads have no idea what you up to.

ok, cut the crap, some friends just told me that i should promote myself more to other friends whom have no idea what am im doing now, so, i will listen to them for only few days. huhahahhahahaa. some even ask me why the describtion so emo, c'mon, i listen to bob marley, why am i emo? i wont man~ okay, time for some nice song to cheer me more!

1. yellow- coldplay
2. starlight- muse
3. fun punch- bag raiders
4. wonderboy- tenacious D
5. are you gona be my girl- jet
6. closing time- semi sonic
7. wonderwall- oasis
8. i've got a feeling- the beatles