Thursday, August 07, 2008

assistant for Ver

well, after digital imaging 2, ver told us she will be having the fashion shoot by the next day with her god sister whom came back from UK for her holiday. so, i offered meself to be the assistant for the shooting, so i can also learn something from the shooting. well, this shooting is quite simple, no make up artist, no hair stylist, and no special wardrobe. and i'm the assistand, + no special lighting, and most of the pics were snap shots, the real pics are with Ver. while waiting for the next shoot, ver dressing up her model with alot of settings of shirst and dresses, well no batman for me~

the photographer of the day

well, lucky i'm there, ver wants some shots too. HUAHHAHAH!

well, i enjoyed the session, no pressure and not much people giving oppinion. well, plan and imagine is always easy, try to shoot it, then you'll tell me, or show me how your pictures will turned out to be.


maslight said...

hey jeahau...nice personal fav...the shot of her jumping...damn dat's one awesome shot...

uh oh colorful socks is nice too

yipi said...

thanks massy!