Saturday, August 16, 2008

B/W cameron

thursday, i skiped class for a short trip to cameron for a job. james asked me to help his uncle to shoot something. well, it was fun. we went on the first day of chinese ghost month. pretty scary to live in the big house just james and me.......
well, i choosed to shoot in black and white for most of my pics, coz.... "dramatic skies" again, so, b/w is my hope. not much landscapes, i think not even one? mostly is friendly peaple.i have no idea what time was this, but she was there, waiting for me.

james's uncle in the messy stuffs room
the popo who kept asking us to eat stuffs

james with a millionair!
he is one rich humble farmer!
in the dream

well, back to the colourful life.


churekie said...

what the hell, all of the men there looks like wanted criminal =.=

yipi said...

jeahau-james, coz no colour ma....

Chia said...

wic len did u use for the pictures taken?
is it da 50mm f/1.8?