Monday, February 02, 2009

happy chinese new year 2009

its a nother chinese new year. a year had passed again. a blink of eye, blah blah blah~ damn, everyone is getting older, everyone is becoming more to reality, everyone is becoming boring. same goes my chinese new year, i dont even bother to take out my cam to snap anything. one week in bidor, dad's home town, a small town which i cant use the internet for a week and no computer. my everyday routine is my bro's PSP.......

and at least 2 cans of 100 plus everyday

although i say everything is boring
i had a time with my dad chit chat in the car again
and listening to all these old chinese songs
these are still the best from all the songs
i dont know why, why dont they make a song sound these calm for chinese new year.
the chinese new year song now adays is just headache.

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miss meow said...

Happy new year! i meant.. belated.. ahemm...

and omg... u know i did upload the same song in my blog during the cny... its exactly same - -lll
giv me 5 kawan - -lll