Thursday, February 19, 2009

PSA videography assignment feb09

well, after ah soo's session, it mine, i got my own video to shoot, a short 40 sec PSA video~ alot of stuffs is different from photography, like the lightings and camera angles and so so~ before shooting the video, i've been watching all the wong kar wai's movies over and over again, and cashback, for the compositions. after having all these videos session, i finally understand how tired a small sessions can be.

after i joined the videography sub, i cant always concentrate on the movies that i watch, its better to be a stupid again, coz you wont notice the camera movement, bokeh, the lightings, you just watch and enjoy the movie, i did have a look on the movie, twilight, which is loved by the girls and some lala guys.... LOLZ, for me, i dont like it, i rather choose THE spirit for the art direction and the feel seems better, Twilight, for me.... ergh..... too teens movie.... and seems like emo wana be.

i guess i better dont say whats good or whats bad..... its still to early for me to say that a movie got good angles or effect, especially the lightings, damn hard to say. for now, i must force myself to watch those movies which the girls like, or the "they think they so high educated ppl"'s i can get comercialized and earn money~ hmmmmmmm, good idea!

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PeiYi said... watch wong kar wai lorh..haha