Sunday, July 27, 2008


got back to subang on 26th from KK again for the short 1 week holiday, mainly is being a tour guide for des and eiran. on the 27th, woke up by my bro in early morning coz his friend is coming to my place for the room, then i head back to bed again. woke up arround 1.30pm called alex for lunch, he's late again. then i went to carefour alone for my printer cartridge, the place was packed, head for subang perade for aircon also. then went back home and print myself some birthday presents. had dinner with eiran, jacq and jack, coz eiran asked me on the 26th night, saying long time nvr see jacq, i just let myself think thats my little dinner.LOLZ~ dad did called, asking me where is his pictures i took for him...... deng~
with jack and jacq

after the dinner, jack sent me home. well, every birthday sure have a cake i guess? its been some time i nvr had cake during my bday, so, went to 7eleven for a cake......... APOLLO! BOLU LAPIS!
oh yeah, fung did sent me a bday card again! i cant remember how many times he sent me a card for a special day, with a bob marley cd! its my bday song then~ thanks bro, all the way from NZ~
well, i spent my whole day printing some black and white. the pictures is just black and white, no colour, no distraction. it makes me see things, i saw the whole picture this time. i get it. i understand. happy belated birthday to me again~ yay~

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