Wednesday, July 02, 2008

meet up with yingzing

well, some days ago, when i was having dinner with alex, some unknown number called me, and it was ying zing! she is in kl she says. lets meet up then. so, tuesday after school, i went down to klcc to have a lunch with her.alone in the LRT station
ying zing! we had lunch in chillis, talk for few hour i guess
then went down the park for some shots and chilling

she's studying in HK, and studying music.
i still remember when she sang for my english tuition teacher, goosebumps, coz its too damn good.

okay.... this is the ying zing i know, all those cool shots was i asked her to, this is the original ying zing i know. HAPPY ma~

as requested
ignore the guy
some guy just turn the handphone to us, i know is not shooting me...
she did say something about she loves malaysia, and miss here alot.

wow.... its been some time....... that was me and that was her

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