Saturday, July 05, 2008

bro and derek

well, for the colour photography class, mr ou fei told us he is not teaching in the school any more, well, goodbye then~ and good luck!
thanks for all the stuffs you though us.
and derek was back from KK~ came visit me in 4th of july with my bro.

my bro posing like RnB stars..... duh...
people now ownz PSP and NDS.... bastard
i own crap....
oh yea, and pen pen is back from desmond, thanks dude.... she is fat now... hahhaha

oh yea... my new room is gona look like this....

after derek and my bro left, i finally can watch my any given sunday by al pacino and jamie fox, nice movie, till half, alex msn me for tea, chit chat till 5am..... 5AM... wth...... reached home.... till 6.41am still not yet sleep... damn, really have to get some rest i guess? listening to rage againts the machines, never really your taste of music i guess? too loud for some of you peeps.

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